Team 6: 16.12.19

Date: 20th Dec 2019 @ 2:20pm

This week has been very fun for the pupils and the teachers.We have been working hard this week like all weeks. We have done English, Maths, Reading, Science and we have finished are Christmas books of poems, which you should have seen since  they went home on Thursday. 

In English,we have been understanding when to use a paragraph such as achange in place,time,speech,person and event.We have also been revising word classes.

In Maths, we have been learning how to add, simplify and order fractions. We also found out about equivalent fractions. Then we did a practice SATs test.

In Science, we recaped on our topic, living things. We have learnt about this topic during the last few weeks with .Mrs Huges.

During Reading, we have had started reading Room 13. Our reading topic this week was Anthony Browne. We investgated how he uses his pictures to make his books more interesting.

On Wednessday, we had a school assembelly where Mrs Wyatt read the school the story of Jesus`s birth.But it has a twist!Mrs Wyatt would say a chocolate name insted of the real name. Like caremel insted of camel.Then on Thursday we had a class Christmas party.

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Merry Christmas