Team 6 18.11.19

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 2:08pm

This week has been productive and mind challenging. We have all learnt something new and have challenged our selves aswell as eachother.

In maths, we have bean learning about long division and long multiplication. It can be simple or it could be difficult depending on the way you face this complicated task.

This week in English we have planned a story based on our class book. 'Star Of Fear Star Of Hope'. The book is based on WW2 and is about 2 girls called Helen and Lydia. We have planned to incorperate all the work that we have done in these 6 weeks that we've been in school.

During Science, we have continued with our living things topic. We learnt about the vertibrate aninmal groups and wrote definitions for them.

Have a lovely weekend,

from the blog ladies