Team 6: 5.10.20

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 2:18pm

This week has been awesome!

Starting off, we did P.E with Coach Craig on Monday. Though since it was raining, we had to do it in the hall. The weather this week has been miserable! Hasn't it?

On Tuesday, which was a very exciting day, we met the author from our previous class book called 'Crater Lake' over Zoom, her name is Jennifer Killick. We queried her about the characters, where her inspiration came from and lots more! We made up theories and played a game with her related to the book.  We loved it!!!

Lately, we've been practising our inspirational portraits and have been experimenting with different materials such as, ink, wax and charcoal to add boldness.

As well as all that, we started a new class book called 'The Haunting of Aveline Jones' which we are very much enjoying so far! It's quite a spooky book and will probably end up to be a magical/curses genre of book (that’s our theory anyway!!)

On Wednesday, we did a Science experiment with Mrs Johnson, looking at how things melt. That's including the temperature, the speed/time of how long it takes to melt etc. It was a hands on experiment with us melting chocolate and other materials.

Overall, this week has been great! We hope we continue to have lots of fun learning like we did throughout this week!

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