Team 6 - wb 14.3.22

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 1:36pm

Hello everyone, we hope you had a great week. Let’s get started!

In Maths, we are learning about fractions,decimals and percentages. We have been converting them and learning how to find percentages of numbers.

In English, we are learning about expanded noun phrases and predicting what our new text could be about. We all wrote poems this week using lots of description about the garden in our story.

In Whole class reading, we are learning about media representation and have been discussing fact or opinion.  We looked at how journalists opinion sometimes differs on online newspapers  and we have also continued with our class read: wonder.

In PE we were playing a game called capture the tyre (which developed from capture the flag). There are 2 teams and if you get the other persons tyre first and get it to your base you win! It was really fun and we would love to play again! (Hint - Mrs Jobber!)

In Geography, we were learning about maps, continents and countries. We love playing globle and country wipeout. 

Finally we finished the week with wacky hair for comic relief. It was great fun!

We all hope you have an amazing weekend!

By Hannah,Nasim and Izzy