Team 6 - wb 13.9.21

Date: 17th Sep 2021 @ 1:41pm

Welcome back to another addition of the Team 6 blog.  We had a busy week this week as we were not in school, we were at Colomendy on our residential!

We will have a lot to talk about in this blog, so be prepared!!!!

On Sunday, we left for Colomendy.  When we arrived, we were given a tour and then took part in problem solving challenges in the woods.  Then we had our evening meal (tea/dinner) and were off again orienteering: unscrambling different words to find names of animals that are at Colomendy and finally we finished the evening with a scrapheap challenge.  The scrapheap challenge was really fun. We had to build our own water rockets by figuring out what bottle we wanted to use, how much water we needed and the angle of our ramp so that our rockets could fly.  One team got the rocket past the 100m mark (Rice Krispies team).

We all stayed in one long cabin with rooms (and ensuites in each room) and 2 bunk beds in each.  After a busy day of fun, we all fell asleep suprisingly early ready for the next day of activities.

The following day, we stuffed our faces with a full english breakfast and split into 2 groups.  Group 18, went off with Ed and Liv (our instructors) to do canoeing whilst Group 19 took part in the 3G swing and the night line activity with Charlie. In the afternoon, we swapped over and took part in the other activities.  Canoeing was difficult but really fun at the same time.  We had 2 canoe tips and everyone else decided to get in the water too!  The 3G swing was a definite favourite - frightening and exhilerating.  Almost everyone went to the top (even Mrs Lewis!!) The nightline had mixed reviews - some children loved it and some found it a bit tricky and scary.  We all laughed lots though (especially the teachers watching us!).

The rest of the week was just as busy.  We took part in: Nightwalk, archery, leap of faith, laser tag, Jacob's ladder, crate stack, buggy build, olympic games and a scavenger hunt.  We hardly had any time to eat all the sweets that we brought!!!!

This was the best time that we have all had in a long long time (and we didn't even have any electronics!!!). We had a great time with Mrs Jobber, Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Wyatt.  They were extremely tired too after doing the activities too!!

We were devastated to leave but glad to see our families. Friday was a good day to return as it was Hinduism day and we took part in a whole school colour run.

We hope you enjoyed reading about what we've been up to.

Same time next week from The (tired) Blog Team: Riley, Izzy and Amelia :-)  :-)