Team 6: wb 18.10.21

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 1:38pm

Hello welcome back to our team 6 blog! Unfortunately, this is our last blog of the half term :(.We have really enjoyed our blog time! Anyway let's get going with the blog.

This week in PE we each suggested a game to play in circle time to teach the younger children so we played some of them. These games include duck duck goose, pizza topping, stuck in the mud and fruit salad.  We have been teaching Teams 2 and 4 these games at play and lunch.

In maths this week, we have been learning about thousandths on the place value chart. It has been really fun and easy to learn. We also did MATHS DAY it was really fun and we got to do a lot of activities and this included art!

In history, we have been staying on the topic of ww2 and we even got to watch a movie based on ww2 evacuees. It was really different to now because they were being moved a lot and it was really sad. 

In reading we have been focusing on picture books and the meanings of them. Our first picture book we did was seen and not heard was Katie May Green.  It's an unusual and clever picture book where the images add to the writing.

Unfortunately this is the end of our blog. Hope you all have a good halloween from your lovely blog team Izzy, Riley and Amelia.