Team 6: wb 19.10.20

Date: 27th Oct 2020 @ 10:46am

This week has been filled with fun!

This Monday, we did an AmaSing concert on Zoom. Our class really enjoyed singing along! There were many people from lots of different schools and the AmaSing staff were extremely enthusiastic. We also did P.E with Coach Craig.

We usually do Science with Mrs Johnson on a Wednesday, but she is sadly leaving our class so we did it this Tuesday instead. We did a fun experiment to see if dirty water would filter better in a bowl with some string leading to a smaller bowl, or a funnel, some paper towels and a cup. The funnel filtered a lot faster than the bowl with string.

Throughout this week, we have been learning about bar models and (subtract and addition) number sentences in Maths. We used our knowledge of related facts to answer missing number questions and worked on our formal methods of addition and subtraction.

On Thursday, we researched about an inspirational figure to write a biography about them. The things we found out about them were very interesting! We aspire to be like them.

Today, we did our Big Cheese assembly, well done to Evie! We also wrote up some of our biographies in History and had some party games in Mouse Mania to end our half term.

As you can see, this week has been great! We're very tired though and ready for a week off.

See you after half term.  The blog team x