Team 6 Wb 19.9.16: Conway!

Date: 25th Sep 2016 @ 6:01pm

What a fantasic week Team 6 had at Conway! They were a pleasure to take away, and they really did do us proud. They gave every activity their all, even if they were initially unsure. Well done Team 6, we really enjoyed spending the week with you!

Here are some details of what we did, written by our class bloggers: 

On Tuesday everybody woke up and got into their evacuee costumes. We were all excited but nervous at the same time! We all met up at Chester train station and said goodbye to our mums, dads, brothers and sisters. We got to Conway and everyone was ready for the first challenge! Half of us went sailing and half of us went canoeing. We all came back (some of us a bit wetter than we had been before the activities!) and went for dinner- our first experience of the excellent food! It was so yummy. We needed our energy as we had an evening of dancing ahead of us with Jennifer, who very kindly came all the way to Conway to teach us a World War II themed dance. Finally we had hot chocolate before bed. 

On Wednesday we woke up and had our first Conway breakfast. Wednesday was another busy day! Half of us went rock climbing (Via Ferrata) and the rest went sailing. That afternoon Mrs Anderson came to visit and we started working on our 'Razzle Dazzle Ship' art work, which we will be carryone on in school. In the evening we did the Night Line activity. We were blindfolded and had to work our way through an obstacle course by working as a team and guiding each other. We had a camp fire in the round house and roasted marshmellows before bed. 

Thursday was our adventure day! We went out on a mini bus for the day and went body boarding and surfing! After the first challenge of putting on the wet suits, we spent a great day on the beach and in the sea! We all had a wonderful time and some of us could even stand up surfing by the end of the day! That evening it was disco time! We danced and played games before packing up our bags ready to go home the next day. 

On Friday we woke up and got dressed. We wheeled our bags out to the socual room before going for breakfast and filing our tummies! Then it was time for our final activities. One group went rock climbing and the rest went canoeing. After a quick lunch we were off to the station and we were soon on the train back to Chester. We were all estatic to see our families. We loved Conway, it was amazing!