Team 6 Wb 26.9.16

Date: 1st Oct 2016 @ 5:11pm

So this week Team 6 have started to create their own suspense stories with a flash-back, they anticipated what would happen next in their class story (kidnapped). Eventually Mrs Holbrook showed them what happened and we were all surprised! We all came up with mind blowing ideas and Mrs Holbrook was very impressed.

Also in English this week we have written diary entries in the point ofview of an evacuee. We were able to use our experiences of dressing up as evacuees as well as what we had learnt from books we have read, to write diary entries which really did capture the emotion of the situation many children were in during World War II.

In maths we have been working on rounding and using negative numbers, and in PE we started to develop sequences in gymnastics.

Well done to Chloe Newman, our big cheese of the week, for wonderful writing and a great attitude to learning! :)

Blog written by Chloe, Halle and Maja