Team 6 - wb 27.9.21

Date: 1st Oct 2021 @ 2:52pm

Welcome back to the team 6 blog!


First of all, congrats to our big cheese Isaiah and every one else in the other classes!

So first this week on Monday in English, we are reading this book called the Star of fear star of  hope and  we are up to the part where the two main characters are in an argument.  We worked on our use of conjunctions in sentences.

In maths this week, we have looked at negitave numbers on has been really fun and we loved the puzzles at the end of the week!

In History this week, have been carrrying on the focus of WW2. It has been really intresting learing about the evacuees and what their life was like, spending their life without their family and what they would eat.

We are almost finished with are class novel, CRATER LAKE. I find crater lake full of adventure.Every page you turn is like another adventure around the corner!  We got to chat to the author, Jennifer Killick, this week.  She is so inspiring and we all loved asking her questions and finding out about being an author.

I really hope you're enjoying our blogs! 

Come back next week for another exiting blog from the team 6 blog team (izzy) (amelia) (riley)