Team 6 Wb 3.10.16

Date: 9th Oct 2016 @ 12:53pm

This week in Team 6, we have been writing newspaper reports as our cold tasks. We also finish our suspense stories and enjoyed some guided reading. 

In PE this week we did gymnastics. We were put in groups of 8s, 2s and 3s, then we did sequence of shapes and rolls and jumps. Our learning objective was to know and be able to explan what made our performances effective. We watched each others and then gave each other feedback. 

During this week we did the 5000m challenge. We had 6 children in our class who were in the running team. As a runner, ir was hard but we all tried our hardest!  As a supporter we all screamed our loudest! Well done to all the 5000m challenge runners, you did absolutely amazing! 

On Tuesday we were luckily enough be invited to The Hope Journey at Helsby Methodist Church. We went dressed as evacuees and walked there. We were greeted by a very strict air raid warden who organised our evacuation! We were then put into 'families' and were were taken to visit various 'stations'. We completed activites on air raids, Anne Frank, rationing, hopes and remembering. The volunteers made us feel really welcome and we really enjoyed the morning. Mrs Holbrook was told by some of the volunteers how well behaved we had been and how we had been a credit to our school! She was very proud of us! We will be using what we learnt in our writing soon! 

We hope you enjoyed our blog and have had a lovely weekend. 

By Halle, Maja. Phoebe and Chloe.