Team 6 wb 31.1.22

Date: 4th Feb 2022 @ 2:41pm

Hope you had a great week. Here is the blog.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions on number lines,comparing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. We have learned to compare fractions by changing the numerator or by changing the denominator. 

Also we have had a very compettive ttrockstars competion aroud the whole UK. This will go on until 19:30 and then we will find out who wins.

In English, we are learning about kakpos and how they were near extinction. We have been writing about them and using parenthesis in our writing (a bit like this). 

in Science we have been lerning abut the human digestive system and how it works.

in Geography we have learned about the uk, using play dough to create the land and label the countries, surrounding seas, capital cities, towns and landmarks in the UK.

In PE ,(Physical Education)we have been doing competive games such as pass the ball under, over and side. These games are teaching us how to communicate with our team mates and learn about tactics.                              

Sadly, it's Mr Burns' last day and we hope he has a great future ahead and we wish he comes back.

Have a lovely weekend.

By  Hannah,Nasim.