Team 6 Wk 12.9.16

Date: 16th Sep 2016 @ 3:39pm

This week, Team 6 has been exploring World War II. They participated in many tasks to help them understand the World War, and even created their own timeline! They enjoyed this so much, they asked the school art teacher Mrs Anderson to teach them more through war- related artwork. During this time, Team 6 made collages based on the “Razzle Dazzle Ships” designed by the artist Sir Peter Blake.

Recently, Team 6 were getting to know their Buddies by helping them understand the dinner routine and playing on the trim- trail outside as well.  They taught their Buddies to stand sensibly, and wait in line to get their lunch and how to safely dispose of their unwanted food.

Throughout this week, Team 6 have been writing suspense stories (with a flashback). They were exceedingly good and the entire class were very proud.

Last but not least, our Big Cheese of the week is Callum Fowler for positive attitude to all learning.  Well done Callum!

Thank you for reading our 1st class blog, we hope you enjoyed it.

Written by Maja, Halle and Chloe :)