Team 6: 8. 10.18

Date: 12th Oct 2018 @ 11:05am

Hi ! this is the Blog Team again !

In the last 5 days , we have been designing and planning a patchwork quilt using our topic, which is WW2.  Each and every one of us have made a symbol related to WW2, which we will sew and show in pride . In Maths , we have been learning about rounding . We first started revisiting the basics and then increased in difficulties. In Science , we wrote a set of instructions about the explosive yeast experiment that we did last week. In English , we have been learning about active and passive voices and have been using these in our writing. e.g The children were being taught by Mrs Jobber (passive) . Mrs Jobber was teaching the children (active) . 

Our fave lessson of the week was singing . We have been learning Stand By Me and will be performing this for you all in our assembly after half term.  

Thank you for taking your time , 

Aarifah,Dana and Maggie        your Blog Team