Team 2 WB: 5.1.22

Date: 7th Jan 2022 @ 5:37pm

Welcome back after a well-deserved Christmas break!! It was so nice to see everyone again on Wednesday and hear about all the lovely presents they have received. We’ve had a shorter week this week but it has still been just as jam packed as ever. We have played lots of phonic games this week to engineer our brains back into learning mode. For English this week we received a letter from Plop’s younger cousin Brownie telling us all about his fear of the dark. So we have decided to write a letter back to Brownie telling him all about the dark and how he can overcome his fear! In math’s this week we have been adding multiples of 10 to any two-digit number. In the afternoon this week we had an introduction session all about ‘The Great Fire of London,’ the children seemed very engaged with this topic!! We also got the parachute out during our PE session and played lots of team building games. For Mouse Mania this week the children brought in their toys from home, there were some very impressive toys like giant dinosaurs, remote cars and lots of gorgeous new dolls that the children had collected over the Christmas period. It was lovely to see all the children and their smiling faces again and I am really looking forward to seeing what next week holds!