Team 2 WB: 6.5.22

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 1:33pm

The end of a shorter week this week, but a good one for sure!

We started our week with Mrs Caroe during our art morning. This week we focused on painting and painted our own dogs. In Maths this week we have continued with our unit division. At the beginning of the week we consolidated our understanding of dividing by 2 before moving on and looking at dividing by 5.

In English this week we have been creating our own rules about dragons. First of all, we focused on what a rule is and what it means. We explored different verbs we can use to start our rules with before extending of rules using ‘because’. As always, the children were able to apply this into their writing really well.

During our afternoons this week we have been very busy. On Tuesday, we were joined by our local Tennis club. It was very eye opening for Team 2 with a few keen interests to start Tennis! We also had a good at testing our reading ability one afternoon as well as, testing our understanding of statistics.

The effort the children have shown this week is brilliant and I am really proud of their perseverance and efforts, keep it guys! See you next week.