Year 3 wb 04.10.21

Date: 8th Oct 2021 @ 5:29pm

Welcome to Team 3's blog.

Team 3 have had another very busy week.

In English, we have been continuing to read our class text and study Katherine's career.  We have looked at writing questions to ask the astronaut John Glenn.  What would you like to ask him?

In Maths, we have been studying a range of number lines, plotting numbers on these and working out a variety of intervals.  We also looked at some reasoning questions related to number lines.

In Science, we investigated whether people with longer femurs could jump further.  It was a very interesting investigation with some surprising results!

During our Geography lesson we have been studying photographs and discussing how the seaside has changed over time.  

In PE, we have been focussing on team work activities through cooperation and communication.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves completing these.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

From everyone in Team 3.